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Keep reading and learn all about our dedicated guests. They give their views on different issues that we do face today Get in touch if you’re interested in their initiatives



Biochemistry student at the University of Birmingham

Kaelen Kotecha is a soon to be second-year student studying at the University of Birmingham, studying Biochemistry. The effects of the COVID 19 pandemic has been extremely tough for him and we wanted to express that in the 1st episode of the show!



Miss South Staffordshire International 2020

Caitlin Samuel-Camps is a finalist in Miss International UK, representing as Miss South Staffordshire International 2020. Alongside pageantry, she works as a freelance fashion and beauty model - published internationally. She is also a student at Birmingham City University studying a degree in Business Management (Enterprise) as well as running her own cosmetics business - My Shimmer Cosmetics.

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Founder of Unlimited You

Danielle Roberts is the founder and CEO of Unlimited You - an online fitness platform for disabled people where they provide on-demand and accessible workouts. She suffers from Brachial Plexus Injury which is a disability which cut off all or parts of the communication between the spinal cord and the arm, wrist, and hand, and this came with scoliosis. 

"Unlimited You is hoping to create a community where everyone is welcome and all members support each other on their journey to become healthier and happier individuals." Danielle Roberts


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Founder of FLTR and automotive engineer

Kristian is an engineer who worked in the automotive industry for three years before founding his startup “FLTR” (pronounced filter) in August 2019. FLTR is a “social development platform” that helps its users connect with likeminded people so that together they can take small steps towards finding and pursuing something they love.



Founder and CEO of Hype Sneaker Society

Vijay Singh is a determined business owner that has developed an online exclusive sneaker business which has been operating for over 10 years but only brought to a social presence in the last year. An interest was taken and developed into a flourishing online organisation that operates in a highly competitive market, which is always competing for a top spot.

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Vice President Opportunity and Community of Birmingham City University Student Union

Amir Iqbal is the Vice President Opportunity and Community of the Birmingham City University Student Union. He wants to give something back by working alongside students to help societies grow and help them gain new skills. As the President of BCU Italian society, too, he has created a great community for Italian students and even students with a general interest in Italian.

Focusing on speaking about the BAME community (Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority), he wants people to see how many factors can affect this community and the impact it can lead to.



Teacher and Blogger

Laraib is a teacher and a graduate in psychology and neuroscience with a self-help blog ( focusing on the recovery and research into eating disorders. She aims to raise awareness about the illnesses and empower people to take steps towards a safe recovery while reflecting on her journey with eating disorders, therapy and more.



Co-Founder of Happier Souls

Gurupma is completely dedicated to bringing others happiness! He runs a podcast, writes blogs, and does public speaking all based on happiness. With the amazing team of 5 backing him, there is no doubt that Gurupma will go on to help many people to create happiness within their life.



Financial Engineer

Richard Gatheru is a Financial Engineer by Profession and a passionate Content and Article Developer, who thrives in writing as a way of expressing opinion, ideas and research findings to the Global World. The passion and zeal for Article Writing have made him win an award for the best Article on Leadership and Governance by Speedy Writers.   



Host of Discovery of Self

Florence is a self-empowerment coach where she struggled with self-esteem for three decades. Seen by many as too much, yet often felt not enough. She began to pursue everything / everyone without knowing her value. Seven years of healing childhood trauma and valuing self, she nows collaborates with women to come to self for deeper self-love.



Women's Empowerment and Certified Master Neuro Coach

Miki is a Women's Empowerment and certified Master Neuro Coach, who is passionate about helping women get out of the feeling of unworthiness, insecurity and hopelessness and find their God-given greatness so that they can live a life filled with joy, security and hope and be free to go after her dreams!
After graduating from college, she moved from Japan to Southern CA, full of energy, a spirit of adventure, curiosity, and dreams. Life can turn a corner ever so quickly, she found herself slowly losing her strength, confidence, and even identity during an abusive marriage that finally ended after 13 years.
Fast forward many years, Mikii has taken back her power and regained the strength now through the love God has placed in her heart to begin sharing her story and help other women who are struggling to know who they truly are and are ready to understand and embrace the God-given uniqueness and greatness that live within each woman! This is why she created the Rise Up Women Movement, which is a movement for women to rise up together to take back the true identity of who we are, and become the better version of ourselves. Coaching with Miki uses a unique methodology incorporating God’s guidance and wisdom as well as a science-based proven method to rewire your brain for success in life. She is a mom of 3 boys, now lives with her husband in western Colorado, makes frequent visits to their other sons who live out of the home.



Digital Marketing Manager at Oxolloxo

Som is a proactive professional whose been making waves in the digital industry for the past 5 years. Before becoming an online marketer, he has been a fashion designer and a print model for several successful projects in India as well as globally. Having lived in 4 different countries, his creativity is indeed as limitless as his experience.

Somesh has also actively been a part of voicing his concern over the LGBT Rights Act 377 and Animal Cruelty Petitions since 2013. A self-confessed travel enthusiast & fitness addict, he loves to cook in his free time and has an impressive savoir faire that doesn't go unnoticed!



Communicator and Project Coordinator

Anabela Ventura is a Communicator and Project Coordinator interested in all things related to human behaviour, technology and environmental sustainability. She has reinvented herself multiple times professionally and personally always with the intent of self-development to then give back to the community. She got her masters degree in Human Development at 42 and started a PhD at 45. She thinks it´s never too late to pursue your own dreams and learn to be and do better.



Media Producer

Dureyea Rashad is a multitalented media producer having started his studies in Theater Arts over 18 years ago. After obtaining his BFA in Directing and Acting he went on to do a brief stint in the US Army. He has performed most often at The Springer Opera House (Georgia's State Theater) where he was honoured to play the title role in the first ever production of ACE: The Eugene Bullard Story, a story about the 1st Black fighter pilot. Currently, he owns a Digital Media Production company called Woe Nelly Media, LLC. Woe Nelly Media specializes in screenwriting, content creation, developing original works. You can also find him one of three podcasts he produces. "Talk It Out", "And Then This Happened...)" and "Geekin' Out".

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Host of That's Rich!

Daniel is the Producer and Host of his podcast, That's Rich! This is a fortnightly podcast where they discuss historical gossips. He is also a Contributor and Performer at BBC New Comedy Show in Norfolk and Suffolk. 

Taling about how masculinity can be perceived as one stereotype that a male must be a tough individual, he aims to break down the barriers of what it takes to be a man in today's society.



Wardrobe Consultant

Akshita Jaiswal is an Internationally Certified Image & Wardrobe Consultant. She helps individuals dress as per their roles to reach their goals effectively. Through the process of lifestyle evaluation and working on an individual’s body language, etiquette, grooming and dressing, she helps them project an impactful image to the world.



Best Selling Author

Genesis is the best selling author by releasing a book called Chocolate Drop in Corporate America: From the Pit to the Palace, where she discusses challenges in the workplace can affect yourself.  She speaks up for not only minorities but also anyone who has been slighted on in any way.



Public Speaker and Debate Coach

Mahmut Atakan Orhan is a public speaking and debate coach, tutor and adjudicator. After attending numerous international and national debates academies and tournaments, he went through written and verbal examinations. Passing all of them, he started coaching an adjudicating debate teams and debate matches. He has been an octo-finals, quarter-finals and finals judge in different international debate tournaments. He has coached public speakers and debaters with different levels of experience in English Speaking Union Debate Academies.

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Founder of Silver Sharers and Advantage of Age

Suzanne Noble is a serial entrepreneur currently working on a solution to help homeowners over 50 'age in place' and reduce social isolation by matching them with compatible long-term lodgers called Silver Sharers.

On the side, she runs a social enterprise called Advantages of Age helping over 50s to access a pro-ageing community of like-minded people and hosts events on behalf of the Soho House Group.



Co Host of Making It

Malin is a writer, radical empathy advocate, and the co-host of the podcast Making It: Women in Film. Through a lens of cultural and social impact, she works to promote diversity in gender, race, sexuality, and ethnicity, behind the camera in the entertainment industry - in order to enforce it in front of the camera.

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Self-Employed Digital Marketing Consultant

Jenika Karsan, is a Physics postgraduate, former Analytics Consultant and B2B Marketing Manager and now a self-employed Digital Marketing Consultant. Jenika has a strong background in the financial sector, having worked for Barclays, Experian and a specialist risk analytics consultancy previously. She is passionate about helping students leverage their academic background and transferable skills in industry, particularly those studying STEM subjects. Alongside her previous role, she successfully created and managed an internship programme which in turn created personal development opportunities for internal employees as well as the interns. Jenika is regularly invited to speak at universities events and was also invited to BBC Asian Network radio to discuss her career experiences and help bridge the gap between university and industry as well as offering realistic advice on how to navigate through the early stages of your career.



Freelance Writer

Victor is a freelance writer, researcher and musician. He firstly had two websites in his portfolio, the first one being a personal blog while the second one being an entertainment website which focused on one of his greatest passions, more specifically rock music. He previously volunteered for bigger causes than a fixed monthly salary before he even commenced higher education

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Writer and Podcaster

Lev is a writer and podcaster which his voice-over work ranges from character pieces, advertising and corporate voice overs to podcasting, ASMR and radio play. He has recently written content and articles for WrestleTalk Magazine, Ultimate Quality Content and wrestling website TheIndyCorner. He has also done research work for popular online video podcast series OSW Review.

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COO of Unikorn Trybe

Mechi Renee is the Founder and COO of Unikorn Trybe. Mechi holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management with a concentration in Organizational Development. She has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Recruiting, Coaching and Project Management. Mechi Renee is Certified Mediator, Christian Life & Business Coach, Online Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Blogger and Writer. Mechi Renee helps high achieving Christian women ditch the hustle and build an impactful business online to make consistent profit. The women Mechi Renee serves want to go from employee to employer to live life on her own terms, making money from anywhere, doing anything, consistently making profit monthly. All while serving God and doing business God’s Way. Mechi Renee has struggled for a long time trying to incorporate her faith into her business. She tried to leave God out so she didn’t offend anyone, but her business didn’t prosper so she decided to do business God’s way this time #doingbusinesswithGod. God is her C.E.O. (Chief.Executive.Officer).



Business Psychology graduate

Maragatha is a business psychology postgraduate and an aspiring coach. She is passionate about maintaining mental health well-being and intends to help breakdown the stigma revolving around seeking help for mental health illnesses. She is particularly keen on raising awareness for mental health through the perspective of culture; with an exponential increase in globalization blurring the lines between the eastern and western cultures.