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We are back for Season 2 from 4th January 2021 with more incredible and spoke guests including entrepreneurs, managers, and students

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Akanksha Barthwal is currently a visiting faculty at Doon University, Dehradun. She is a poet and writes for The Taj Mahal Review, her recently published poetry is I Remember. She is an active member of Poetry Soup which is an online forum for poets writing from across the globe. Miss Barthwal is a passionate individual who is deeply indulged in the world of Literature. She is post-graduate in English Literature and a graduate in German Honours. She also has many research papers published under her name. She loves to explore the deep and tranquil world of literature. Miss Barthwal is looking forward to a PhD degree which she currently aspires to do. The areas of her research and interest are Indian Writing in English, Literary Theory and Criticism, British Poetry and Drama, Feminist Literary Theory and Gender Studies.




Laura is enthusiastic, passionate, and loves to learn about the world and herself, which can be dangerous. "Unlearning is one of the most difficult things, with more benefits than anything else in life. For me, it's necessary, to be responsible and grow as an individual and as a community". For her, not knowing is starting to learn.

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Mental Health Advocate

Warren Morris is a advocate of Males following the loss of a child , Angel dad to Oliver he is Driven by his sons memory and his own experiences following the loss of his son and lack of support he found.

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Certified Life Coach

Anza Goodbar is a serial entrepreneur, John Maxwell certified coach, life design strategist, trainer, motivational speaker, and 5x best-selling author. After experiencing financial setbacks in 2008, with just $27 in her bank account, Anza opened up her first online business. Within her first year, she created a thriving six-figure business. She has designed a business model with multiple streams of income to recession-proof her revenue possibilities. Today, she helps women whose lives have been interrupted by COVID-19 restructure, retool, and revitalize their life strategies to overcome the challenges that come from working at home and juggling e-learning with their kids. She teaches them how to build six-figure businesses based on their skills, experience, and passions that provide flexibility and financial freedom.

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Motivation Advocate

David is a Motivation Advocate where he is here to answer and inspire people to feel good, sharing positive with those who need it

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YouTuber and Podcast Host

Sachin is a student, writer, YouTuber and host of Podcast Project Why. He loves to raise his voice by creating awareness about racism, climate change, and so on. Let's bring change to this modern world is Sachin's motto

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Jonathan was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Joined the US Army at 19. He has a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), a bachelor's in Information Technology. Also, he has a 2-year Certificate in Pastoral Leadership. Jonathan's passion is to see something or someone being transformed and reach their true potential. Whether he is working on building some wood furniture around the house or investing time building a new relationship. He is always looking forward to seeing how that piece turned into a masterpiece. Jonathan is the Owner of Lifted Kingdom Press small publisher and Author of the book that will be coming out in March 2021 "The Wounded King" along with Online Community that will be launched in March 2021.⁠

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Speaker and Author

Kathleen Gage has owned and operated her speaking and consulting business since 1994. An award-winning speaker, author, and marketing strategist, Kathleen works with mission-based, plant-based and vegan companies on business development including marketing and sales strategies. With more than thirty years of experience in sales, marketing, management, public relations, and promotions, Kathleen has consulted with and trained organizations such as the U.S. Marine Corps, Novus Corporation, and AT&T. Ever one to push her own limits, Kathleen completed her first full marathon at the age of 60, received her certificate of completion for Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University at the age of 64 and is on the lookout for her next personal challenge as she approaches 67 years old. Some of her greatest passions are caring for a slew of rescued animals she calls family, running near the river, and hosting two podcast shows including Plant-Based Eating for Health Podcast and Power Up for Profits podcast shows.⁠

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Former Chaplain

Margaret Mary O'Connor has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Buffalo, and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, from Christ The King Seminary in East Aurora, NY. She is a former Chaplain and now a Eucharistic Minister. She literally walks the walk, on picket lines to help keep the issues of Women's Ordination and Church Accountability on the Priest Sexual Abuse issue, at the forefront of any Catholic's attention.She believes any Catholic deserves at minimal at least the truth from Rome, as opposed to the continual out right deception they are receiving. She is a member of Call to Action, Future Church, Roman Catholic Women Priests, Women's Ordination Conference and (SNAP) Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, Buffalo Central Terminal, Preservation Buffalo Niagara, and Western New York Land Conservancy. Margaret Mary is the recipient of the Special Award for Achievement from the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course. She also enjoys Gardening, Pilates, and reading or watching Mystery Shows.

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US Attorney and Author

Shadan is a US Attorney, Activism to Environmental Sustainability, The End of Modern Day Slavery and Consumerism, and Author to The Red Movement⁠

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Life Coach

Molly Wilder is a Life Coach & entrepreneur with a Yoga background from 11-years-old, and a career as an Athletic and Exercise Therapist. When a lifelong struggle with depression escalated, she decided to seek healing one more time and participated in a transformative Ayahuasca ceremony. Molly found healing through realizing the truth of the emotions hiding within her body, and self-realization became her raison d'etre - she has worked with Ayahuasca ever since. Her mission is to make the integrative work she does before and after ceremony available to everyone - no matter what their boundary and to help womxn realize their Essential Self and the Love, Joy, Truth, Strength and Peace that they are.

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Founder of Zero Smart

John is a multiple-award winning serial entrepreneur currently helping people across the UK become carbon neutral via his social enterprise, ZeroSmart. John started the world's first brewery to specialise in ancient alcoholic drinks when he was just 20. Just two years later John successfully exited the brewery following ethical concerns and instead started a social enterprise called Global Digital Week when he was 22. Global Digital Week ran digital education events at universities across 7 countries and delivered online training to universities, governments, and businesses across 97 countries. They worked with SMEs as well as companies like LEGO and Google. John has won and/or been a finalist for numerous awards including the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year awards and Social Entrepreneur of the Year for the entire EU at the All Digital Awards. John is now aged 25 and helping people become carbon neutral via his social enterprise, ZeroSmart. ZeroSmart makes people and pets carbon neutral via carbon offsetting, planting trees for the long term and funding quality climate-positive projects to immediately remove more carbon than you contribute to the atmosphere. ZeroSmart are on track to remove 250,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere this year alone.

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Founder of Harbor Light Coaching LLC

As the Founder and CEO of Harbor Light Coaching LLC, professional certified coach Nesreen Mahmoud Ahmed is a pioneer in the world of grief, loss, and change and is committed to providing transformational coaching to clients around the world.  Nesreen’s coaching is focused on helping clients find peace after a loss, divorce or illness.  She supports them in addressing their mindset, overcoming the hurdles of grief, and completing what’s unfinished.  Nesreen lives in New York City with her husband and daughter, and enjoys traveling the world with them, while working virtually with clients. She's currently co-leading weekly virtual Heal Your Grief Circles for those who want powerful support to address their grief.

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Author and Clinical Researcher

Peter G Levine is a professor, clinical researcher, and author of the book Stronger. His focus for more than twenty years has been brain plasticity and brain injury. Pete has been at the forefront of developing and testing many of the most innovative stroke neurorehabilitation recovery options including wearable robotics, constraint-induced therapy, and mental practice.